CT PRIME Program Helps Connecticut Manufacturers

This energy efficiency program empowers businesses to lower lead times, 

reduce operating costs and increase overall profitability.

Through financial and technical support from Eversource, Lean has never been more accessible to Connecticut manufacturers!

Historically, access to this kind of specialized training was limited to large businesses with the resources to make such investments. But now, The CT PRIME Program makes training in Lean Kaizen Events accessible to small-to-medium sized manufacturers. Beyond reducing costs and streamlining operations, you’ll also be taking steps to reduce your energy consumption going forward, and that can’t be a bad thing!

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Benefits of the PRIME Program

  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased manufacturing productivity and throughput
  • Reduced inventory (WIP and Finished Goods)
  • More available floor space
  • Reduced waste
  • Greater flexibility to meet customers’ demands
  • Safer, cleaner work environment

CT Prime Program helps achieve maximum efficiency in your manufacturing processes. Would you like to learn how?